It's enjoyable and allows you to express your personality to create a unique haircut. While there are so many ways to design a distinctive look for your wedding, utilizing hair extensions is a fantastic choice.

Whether you want to increase hair length or volume, they're a terrific method to improve your appearance. However, ensuring they blend in with your natural hair is the most crucial thing. To make your human hair extensions look as natural as possible, use these tips.

7 Amazing Tips for Human Hair Extensions

1.     Proper storage

It takes more than knowing how to apply for hair extensions. They last a very long time as long as they are stored properly. One choice is to set up a dresser drawer solely for storing them securely. However, a hanging hair extension storage pouch is the best choice—lacking funds for a storage pouch. Put your extensions in a silk pillowcase. They won't be harmed or tangled by this material because it is sufficiently fine.

2.     Sleep in ponytail or braids

Make careful to sleep with your hair in a braid or ponytail whether you use clip-in or tape-in extensions. The cause is that extensions don't absorb scalp oils as well as natural hair, does. They can tangle much more efficiently as a result.

3.     Style your extensions before attaching them

It's simpler to style hair extensions before you connect them, as you'll discover when you learn how to use hair extensions correctly. The best way to hang them is on a hanger for hair extensions.

4.     Wash your hair extensions

It is one of the most significant hair extension tricks. Remember to wash your permanent hair extensions sometimes. They become dull-looking and odorous as styling chemicals, dust, oil, and other debris accumulate. Use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner when washing them. Otherwise, you risk causing harm.

5.     Backcomb your roots

Getting extensions to stay in place for people with thin hair can be challenging. Use a teasing brush to backcomb your roots before inserting them. Use dry shampoo throughout this procedure to give your hair more grip and texture. After that, secure the extensions as usual. 

6.     Use the right hairbrush

It might be challenging to brush your natural hair when wearing clip-in or tape-in hair extensions. The cause is that conventional brushes tend to tug at the roots, frequently yanking off extensions. Purchase a hair extension brush instead. It will feature tiny nylon bristles that are looped so they won't pull or catch on the extensions.

7.     Air-dry your hair

And lastly, never use a hair dryer. In addition to harming your natural hair, blow-drying also microwaves extensions. Use a hairdryer with the heat settings off if you must hasten the drying process while avoiding damage.


Human hair extensions require investment. So, take good care of it and enjoy it the most. After all, they are doing you an incredible favor by assisting you in looking (and feeling) your finest on your wedding day!